Soon: Vulcan Maderas, Nicaragua

«Most of the trekkers were returning from the top when the three of us started our way up, at 3pm. Our plan was to sleep at the lagoon and head back the next day. Not long after we left it started to pour down “the tropical way”. Inevitably we got completely soaked. The trail becomes a multi levelled waterfall and the visibility reduced to less than 5 meters under a thick green jungle. Still we go. It resulted we never found the lagoon and slept inside our floating tent with the roaring noise of the rainy jungle outside.»


By Ricardo Cabeços
Job Title: Architect
Company: Plan Associated Architects - Portugal
Track Record: CDC Arquitetos - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Academic Background: Kyushu and Tokyo University - Japan; Universitat Politecnica di Catalunya - Barcelona - Espana