3 appointments to Danmark: SamsŲ, Anholt and Skagen




SamsØ is the isle of pumpkins: wherever you go pumpkins are all around, giving you an impressionistic expression of life. In the beach the rest of a boat lies and an old woman makes her daily swim around noon. She used to live in London, but after her husband died she moved to this Island, where she reads, she writes, she let’s days go by. When you miss the last boat to get back to the continent, you finally realize how to live in a totally energy sustainable island: Tv works, food is served warm, and light comes to you with no conscience struggles:

When my friends used to spend their breaks taking planes to London or Paris, I was facing the perfect conditions to continue my writing in Anholt: one isolated wild island stuck in the middle of the Baltic. A couple could use such an island to hate or to love each other, because there might not be any other thing to do.


When 2 markets collide or when 2 seas collide, what’s the strongest boost of energy? I could have spent days of my life seeing the North Sea colliding with the Baltic, remembering discussions girlfriends:


How is it to start a trip in Skagen and roam around Scandinavia until the arctic circle, leaving Rovaniemi in the north of Finland far behind and exploring the ice until it’s dark or light 24/7?